Universal Work Orders for mobile workforce

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how to Predict asset failures

Universal Work Orders is an effective solution to extending the Maintenance Connection system to your workforce. Now your technicians can have access to their work assignments at either their desk or even take them with them to the job in their shirt pocket.
The Universal Work Orders license can be loaded on any windows PC or Windows Mobile PDA or phone. Whether on a desktop, laptop or Windows PDA, assigned Work Orders can be down loaded via a wired, wireless or cellular connection to the Internet from your Maintenance Connection system.
Save time on the job by having all the important information available and save time back at the office by not having to enter completion information on the main system.

how to Predict asset failures

Reasons why you need this product

System to manage my assets

Work Orders in the Palm of Your Hand!

Arm your technicians with exactly what they need from Maintenance Connection. The easy to use application will become as indispensable to them as their tool kit.
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Know Exactly How to Complete the Job!

Even if the technician isn’t your most experienced, the detailed task list becomes his “how to” manual helping him do the job right the first time.

Know the Assets You are Working On!

Everything that your technician needs to know including previous work history, contact information and specification for the asset being worked on is available.

System to manage my assets

Record Completion Information Just Once!

Don’t spend precious office time transcribing the sometimes illegible notes from paper work orders. Enter them directly and automatically update the main system each day.