12 Key Differentiators

Maintenance Connection Africa provides the solution with tools and an information framework to integrate best practices into your maintenance processes and proactively manage maintenance as a key part of the total operation. Maintenance Connection Africa will provide measurable benefits and the savings can be expected to support the justification of a new system or an upgrade from an older system. These 12 key Differentiators are:

1: Reduced unexpected Asset / Equipment Downtime

Unexpected downtime can have a major production cost impact. Drastically reduce downtime by utilizing Maintenance Connection to set up and monitor preventive maintenance schedules. Maintenance Connection can ensure all required maintenance is performed according to defined preventive maintenance schedules leading to increased Asset / Equipment life.

2: Established Consistent Maintenance Standards

Centralizing documentation in one system results in detailed work orders with detailed maintenance procedures, creating consistent, common standards for your operations.

3: Enhanced Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PM/PdM)

Automatic scheduling of repetitive PM activities, including seasonal blackouts, is easy with Maintenance Connection. PM tasks and inspection frequencies can be based on time length or meter reading. In these’s reports, failure trends and major causes of equipment breakdowns and unscheduled repairs will be reported.

4: Complete Asset Tracking

Maintenance Connection tracks asset installation, repair history, all maintenance, and other costs, service intensity, asset location moves, warranty, service contracts, and more.

5: Improved Service Request

Users can access all the features they are authorized for from any networked PC, using familiar, internet like screens. No software needs to be installed on the PC. Service requests are placed online, and requesters track them on their own and even provide feedback on the work done.

6: Enhanced Work Order Detail

Once a service request is approved, (multi-level approval supported), maintenance staff can get work orders online or print-out, optionally via pagers, cell-phones, or PDA. Maintenance Connection controls work requests by monitoring craftwork levels, backlogs, and parts availability – determining priorities and scheduling staff.

7: Improved Parts Availability

Well-organized stockrooms with accurate inventory records, a stock locator system, bar code processing, monitored stock levels, and a storeroom catalog can significantly improve the overall maintenance operation.

8: Reduced Storeroom Inventory

Maintenance Connection provides effective management of parts and material inventories. Inventory decisions can readily be made based on parts usage, excess inventory levels, and obsolescence.

9: Increased Performance Measurement

The Maintenance Connection database tracks the details needed for effective measurement of maintenance performance and costs. Maintenance Connection enables benchmarks on labour productivity, PM compliance, down-time, store inventory control, backlog, service level, and reliability. Work management, cost tracking, equipment history, and performance reporting are standard.

10: Better Maintenance Information

A major benefit of Maintenance Connection is the retention of historical detail and extracting useful information. An effective solution turns data into information you can use to manage maintenance as a business.

11: Improved Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance Connection provides the structure and procedures for more effective day-to-day maintenance planning and scheduling, a key contributor to improved craft labor utilization and customer service.

12: Increased Budget Accountability

Maintenance Connection provides greater cost accountability for labour, parts, and other costs.


There are also many intangible benefits such as organization, reduced emergencies, centralized data storage, and developing historical data. While these are all things that are difficult to quantify, they are true benefits of Maintenance Connection. Obtaining a strong maintenance management system is important because maintenance excellence does not occur naturally.

The bottom line is that gaining control and cutting costs is imperative for any maintenance department. Implementing Maintenance Connection is the best way to ensure success. Keeping expensive equipment and production lines running smoothly affects operating costs, profit, and customer satisfaction. Having an effective preventive maintenance program and complete asset details will transform a maintenance department from reactive to proactive – and Maintenance Connection is the foundation for this transition.