Since 1999, MAINTENANCE CONNECTION AFRICA has provided Facility Maintenance and Asset Management Software (Browser-Based CMMS) to organizations around Africa. Our unique blend of top-notch technology and personalized service give us the ability to deliver satisfaction and success to our customers.

Maintenance connection Africa not only believe in providing world-class maintenance software, Rated amongst the top 10 Global Leading EAM/CMMS, but we also believe in fully equipped maintenance specialist, be you a manager or a cleaner we have equal opportunity for you to learn your trade and master it. Maintenance Connection Africa is proud to take hands with Strobe Academy of Learning, an online learning institute with world-class teachings now offering you the opportunity to learn all you need to learn about Maintenance.

Who is Strobe

Strobe Academy of Learning has been established based on the extensive business experience of the founding members of the company.

Knowledge and experience gleaned from senior management positions in IT and Large Corporate Businesses over the years as well as the passion of founding and running their own extremely successful business for over 25 years has resulted in the birth of Strobe Academy of Learning

The new passion is now to share the accumulated knowledge and experience with others through the platform of training courses being developed by Strobe Academy. The Best Choice. The Best Courses. Learn anytime & anywhere.

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How Strobe Changes Lives and Improves Careers by Learning about Maintenance

By choosing Strobe Academy of learning, you choose quality education on a high international level. Join our program and get a chance to experience the teaching skills of our tutors with the latest technology and equipment. It will help, to improve your skills in everyday tasks at the office or in the factory.