• Flexible reporting allows you to define and assign metrics, KPIs and reports, unique to the different sites and levels in your organization.
  • At the same time, Maintenance Connection is equipped with over 150 canned or pre-populated standard reports, sorted in folders by category And, SMART Reports allow data to be modified and viewed from within the report itself, making batch edits or status updates simple.
  • Pivot reports, custom headers, KPI trending, and other advanced options can easily be added to reports to give users an added level of depth to their analytics.

“MC is so intuitive and easy to use while providing the functionality needed to run daily equipment and facility operations. The reporter module makes it extremely easy to extract and analyze data.”

  • Run a variety of reports, from labor reports to see where techs are with their PMs, to work order reports to check hours and parts used on a specific request, to asset reports to understand what you’re spending and if you’re billing accordingly.
  • Diagnose and prevent equipment crashes by accessing and analyzing history reports. From cradle to grave, equipment history is at your fingertips. No need to shuffle through paper and filing cabinets.
  • Keep all layers of management informed and up to date on maintenance performance. KPI dashboards provide real-time information, available at a glance. Meanwhile, alerts can be sent automatically by the system when targets are not being met.

“We’re about a year into the system. We’re starting to see that where it would take us three, four hours maybe to go and search paper records, it’s almost immediate…We sit in a conference room, pull it up on a screen, and the auditors can actually look at right there real time what they want to see. Right on the screen.”


  • A simple report wizard makes creating new reports or modifying existing ones fast and painless. Similarly, a library of commonly used criteria can be accessed to build reports, on-demand.
  • Reporting is there when you need it. Schedule automated reports to be delivered straight to your inbox, weekly, monthly, or however, you like. They’re automatically there.
  • Everyone in the organization can easily run reports. There’s no need to hire third-party experts or consultants. The Reporter module in Maintenance Connection is easy to use and understand.

“The report function is definitely icing on the cake. It allows me to customize reports for all levels of the company. I also use it as an aid to help track and correct documentation errors as they occur. That helps maintain the accuracy that is needed.”

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