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One common question that we have been asked much time over the past several years is “where can I send my workforce for training to learn more about the maintenance management industry that we are involved in” Well, we may have struggled to answer that question in the past but today we can definitely answer that question. Strobe Academy of Learning has been established based on many years of managerial and industry experience and is now part of the Maintenance Connection Africa range of products

At Strobe we have developed a series of 5 training courses which have been specifically designed for the maintenance management industry. The series is called ‘A Symphony of Maintenance’ and consists of the following programs

 The Symphony of Maintenance series of training courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of the asset maintenance management industry.

These courses will provide a great introduction to our industry for new employees just starting with their career and will also be instrumental in enabling more senior managers to upskill their workforce, as well as a general updating and refresher course for everyone.

 Business Focus and Efficiency Savings

Keeping pace with technological advancement can be a daunting task and is a huge challenge for organizations today. Profit margins are being squeezed with worldwide competitive markets and fine margins can sometimes dictate the difference between profitability and loss. While technology creates powerful business opportunities, it also creates skill gaps and if those gaps are not filled, any organization will struggle to keep pace with competition and maintain healthy profit margins.

Some questions need to be asked 

The spotlight today is firmly focused on efficiency saving. And Maintenance Management is all about maintaining the resources of the company so that production proceeds effectively and that no money is wasted on inefficiencies. Our resources are our most valuable assets and wise investment into the upskilling of our workforce will assist in our continual drive towards improving efficiencies and profitability.

Wouldn’t you like to have a maintenance operation where assets are available, reliable and operating in a safe efficient environment with an improved image and where operating and maintenance costs are controlled and kept at to a minimum.

Well maintained assets are key to effective production levels

Poorly maintained assets will have a detrimental and sometimes devastating effect on production and company profits, due to machine breaks, waste material and a host other issues. Effective Asset Management is critical to ensure machine availability, reliability and optimised operational and maintenance costs.

If you are seeking to improve the effectiveness of your organisation or maintenance function


Equipment Failure refers to any event in which any equipment cannot accomplish its intended purpose or task such as:

Equipment not working, not performing, not meeting target expectations

The objective of maintenance is to minimize equipment failure but when this does not happen Production reliability, costs and profits, just to mention a few, become a thing of the past

If you are striving to improve the effectiveness of your organisation or your maintenance function

Learn about tools and methods that you can use to control and limit the impact of Destructive Failure in your organisation which is vital to your ongoing productivity and profitability

Project management is the practice of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time and the primary challenge is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints

This training program is all about Project Management and Best Practices and starts from the basis of PAS 55 The world and industry benchmark standard.

Learn practical planning guidelines and a down to earth scheduling methodology. No more poor quality and missed deadlines, Quite the opposite

Now more than ever before, we are being challenged to do things differently and to become progressively more creative in our jobs and careers. The face of business and industry is changing rapidly as we all adapt to the new normal. What better way to prepare ourselves to meet this exciting new future than to upskill our professional talents and abilities in a simple, easy to use and cost-effective way.

Strobe Academy of Learning has been designed to do exactly this, by providing easy to use video-based training courses.

You determine your own pace of learning in your own time. Dream big, study well, be smart and become successful. You will never know how much you can achieve until you commit to pushing your limits.

The courses are available either

  1. On-Line
  2. In House

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